As a sustainable and efficiency solution provider, Lumicons has been assisting all kind of business sizes, both private and state-owned such as central and regencies places to implement efficacy and efficiency of LED lighting technology throughout Indonesia. Lumicons is committed to provide end-to-end custom turn key solutions of energy efficiency goals using LED lighting technology and to improve the integration between lighting sources, emerging technologies and architectural characteristics.

Our Research and Development Division is not limited to only creating better efficiency and quality of all lighting fixtures, but also to understand completely the characteristics and advantages of LED light source.

Our Marketing Division, especially lighting consultants are determined to be reliable in any lighting solutions to create a viable meaning of energy saving LED light, which is economical and efficient.

Lumicons has been conducting energy service activities to introduce the importance of energy efficiency, the implications of choosing the right LED lighting products according to every respective client’s needs and the advantages of LED lighting technology for every business sizes in Indonesia.

Our goals are as follows:
Supporting Indonesia’s Government to allocate surplus energy to more rural locations.
Protecting Indonesia’s environment by lowering carbon dioxide and mercury.
Enhancing visibility and safety issues for all kinds of businesses and public streets.
Acknowledged by Indonesia’s Government as national standardization LED lighting specifications.
To prove APLO LED lighting to be the best LED lighting on the market.

Taiwan Certification
Chinese National Standard (CNS) qualified factory.
Taiwan certification of quality- Taiwan CNS 15233 APLO 1 150W.
Taiwan certification of quality- Taiwan CNS 15233 APLO 1 120W.
Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center-88W Taiwan.
Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center-105W Taiwan.
Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center-150W Taiwan.
ISO 9001:2008 TQM12062 TAF.
Taiwan certification of quality- Taiwan CNS 15233 C4504 APLO 1 150W.

Test Report
Shanghai Institute of Quality Inspection and Technical Research China National Lighting Fitting Quality Supervision Testing Centre.
Chile National Test Report.
pdf*The American Reporting-APLO 1.
pdf*The American Reporting-APLO 2.
E-061-01-15281 Chile Test Report.
SCE23060 Chile Test Report.
URS ISO9001:2008 5310/A/0001/UK/En.
Chile reported.

Structure of Street Light head.
Lamp Cooling Device.
Street Lamp Cooling Structure.
China-street lamp cooling structure.
China-led street light.